Exeter Aquatics has been established in Exeter since the early 1980ís.
I purchased the shop in 2001, having been a regular customer for many years.
Upon purchase the shop was in a very rundown condition.
So my wife and I refurbished the tropical and coldwater systems.
And we also installed a marine section.
We now have over 80 individually filtered tanks for tropical and coldwater fish.
Most of which hold multiple species.
With a 2000lt marine fish system, a 1500lt coral/invert system, and a 600lt plant cascade.
Exeter Aquatics is one of the best places to buy good quality livestock in Devon.

Like many aquatic shop owners itís not just a business itís a passion. Having kept tropical fish for over 25 years and marines for the large part, I have a wide knowledge of fish keeping, especially marines, I have a 350 gallon reef tank in my living room!

Pat and I pride ourselves in the fact that we will not knowingly sell you inappropriate fish or equipment.

We hope you enjoy our web site and look forward to seeing you at our store in Exeter soon.

Simon Orr

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